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North American

Server Hoth Ilum Corellia Balmorra (Empire) Balmorra (Republic)
Begeren Colony--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth draconis imperium 2.29 Million Ilum ordo imperialis 1.15 Million Corellia the reva order 621 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) the great jedaii order 3.35 Million Balmorra (Republic) the eternal order 1.37 Million
The Bastion--PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth delta 749 Thousand Ilum black label society 605 Thousand Corellia paladinus libertatis 389 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) immortal empire 893 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) evlution 1.64 Million
The Harbinger--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth anrchy 8.45 Million Ilum dark genesis 2.88 Million Corellia blue harvest 2.35 Million Balmorra (Empire) Blood Bath and Beyond 8.91 Million Balmorra (Republic) galaxy knights 6.11 Million
Jedi Covenant--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth light tempest 3.7 Million Ilum the courageous 3.18 Million Corellia escape reality 1.93 Million Balmorra (Empire) shadow academy 4.07 Million Balmorra (Republic) The Sanctuary 5.56 Million
The Shadowlands--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth unchained wrath 7.35 Million Ilum sick of u 4.45 Million Corellia Covenant of the Phoenix 4.09 Million Balmorra (Empire) blood ties 2.8 Million Balmorra (Republic) no disintegration 3.09 Million
The Ebon Hawk--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth paradox 2.36 Million Ilum the second sith empire 3.69 Million Corellia rose corp 1.13 Million Balmorra (Empire) daughters of darkness 2.03 Million Balmorra (Republic) force of will 2.87 Million
Prophecy Of The Five--PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth lgnd 334 Thousand Ilum super saiyan siths 206 Thousand Corellia ultimate force 327 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) knights of ren 664 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) ascension 910 Thousand
Jung Ma--RP-PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth umbrella corporation 799 Thousand Ilum celestial dreadnauts 441 Thousand Corellia order of nameless fairies 169 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) bringers of madness 500 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) celestial argonauts 652 Thousand


Server Hoth Ilum Corellia Balmorra (Empire) Balmorra (Republic)
Mantle Of The Force--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth cursed 1.32 Million Ilum sparte 2.49 Million Corellia alakhon ii 1.13 Million Balmorra (Empire) the black destiny 2.69 Million Balmorra (Republic) ies wookies mal rass 2.36 Million
Battle Meditation--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth eisenhorn 780 Thousand Ilum lesprit des banokks 897 Thousand Corellia night fall 972 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) mercenaires imperiaux 1.6 Million Balmorra (Republic) legion des anciens rpublicains 1.06 Million
T3 M4--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth gliicksbrchi gmbl-i 2.96 Million Ilum die erben von viun 2.5 Million Corellia Mighty Darks 1.41 Million Balmorra (Empire) die firm 2.86 Million Balmorra (Republic) hubdis-trupp 4.15 Million
Vanjervalis Chain--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth der devarian bund 1.06 Million Ilum die gnadenlosen 908 Thousand Corellia die hitter der republik 2.06 Million Balmorra (Empire) ultio extorrium 2.34 Million Balmorra (Republic) die ausgestossenen 2.13 Million
Jar'kai Sword--PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth the wardogs 147 Thousand Ilum united sith damage 73 Thousand Corellia chaostrupp 22 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) mithril 142 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) the conqueror fleet 518 Thousand
The Progenitor--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth rapid serenity 2.18 Million Ilum fire 5.29 Million Corellia kill them dead 1.45 Million Balmorra (Empire) Detoxified Raven Squad 2.06 Million Balmorra (Republic) the knights who say ni 2.81 Million
Tomb Of Freedon Nadd--PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth house cadera 350 Thousand Ilum violent resolution 191 Thousand Corellia rebirth 67.3 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) kllibl1s first legion 796 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) duios bane 531 Thousand
The Red Eclipse--PvE This Week Guilds History Hoth stroke my wookie 4.84 Million Ilum dark force rising 2.52 Million Corellia darkstorm 2.65 Million Balmorra (Empire) dont forget me 4.04 Million Balmorra (Republic) red hoth chilly peppers 3.94 Million
Darth Nihilus--PvP This Week Guilds History Hoth la nuit sans aube 3 Thousand Ilum discorde 215 Thousand Corellia the siths decapitators 146 Thousand Balmorra (Empire) antares 45.3 Thousand Balmorra (Republic) the republic defender 435 Thousand