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North American

Server Makeb Tatooine The Black Hole Quesh Nar Shaddaa
The Shadowlands--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb raven legacy 4.78 Million Tatooine sick of u 8.48 Million The Black Hole unchained wrath 7.25 Million Quesh Covenant of the Phoenix 2.26 Million Nar Shaddaa galactic heartbreakers 6.98 Million
The Ebon Hawk--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb dark rage 3.16 Million Tatooine the remnants of hope 2.42 Million The Black Hole the second sith empire 2.06 Million Quesh bloodline 2.98 Million Nar Shaddaa disavowed 2.35 Million
Prophecy Of The Five--PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb dead wookiee storage 61.4 Thousand Tatooine touch it 369 Thousand The Black Hole knights of ren 1.31 Million Quesh imperial task force 50.2 Thousand Nar Shaddaa tao covenant 774 Thousand
Jung Ma--RP-PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb the shadow empire 228 Thousand Tatooine sithhikers guide to the galaxy 22.5 Thousand The Black Hole ambassye 101 Thousand Quesh rapture 160 Thousand Nar Shaddaa order of the knights templar 238 Thousand
Begeren Colony--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb the great jedaii order 3.48 Million Tatooine the renegades of joker squadron 3.43 Million The Black Hole blitzkrieg 2.93 Million Quesh the revas order 784 Thousand Nar Shaddaa the eternal order 2.34 Million
The Bastion--PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb immortal 209 Thousand Tatooine delta 512 Thousand The Black Hole storm-bringers 89.3 Thousand Quesh evlution 997 Thousand Nar Shaddaa the bros 379 Thousand
The Harbinger--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb Blood Bath and Beyond 7.97 Million Tatooine the wild cards 4.31 Million The Black Hole kai sithari 8 Million Quesh ouii gan gin and juice 2.25 Million Nar Shaddaa galaxy knights 7.41 Million
Jedi Covenant--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb the courageous 5.88 Million Tatooine battalion 2.02 Million The Black Hole imperial reapers 2.07 Million Quesh new galactic empire 3.56 Million Nar Shaddaa The Sanctuary 5 Million


Server Makeb Tatooine The Black Hole Quesh Nar Shaddaa
Mantle Of The Force--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb ies wookies mal rass 2.54 Million Tatooine the black destiny 3.8 Million The Black Hole odysse 854 Thousand Quesh sparte 3.43 Million Nar Shaddaa pappys warriors galactic 4 Million
Battle Meditation--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb night fall 1.32 Million Tatooine le cnacle 1.41 Million The Black Hole les gardiens de la force 575 Thousand Quesh mercenaires imperiaux 863 Thousand Nar Shaddaa aegis 819 Thousand
Darth Nihilus--PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb the empire defender 53.2 Thousand Tatooine the republic defender 592 Thousand The Black Hole freedom 731 Thousand Quesh the siths decapitators 542 Thousand Nar Shaddaa pygmalion 222 Thousand
The Red Eclipse--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb take a seat 2.35 Million Tatooine stroke my wookie 12.6 Million The Black Hole darkstorm 4.04 Million Quesh passive aggressive 2.2 Million Nar Shaddaa im too old for this sith 5.31 Million
The Progenitor--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb preying vornskrs 1.2 Million Tatooine Detoxified Raven Squad 4.05 Million The Black Hole fire 2.25 Million Quesh exsilium 2.36 Million Nar Shaddaa dark ones 3.76 Million
Tomb Of Freedon Nadd--PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb legion of light 264 Thousand Tatooine polish squad 918 Thousand The Black Hole order of merciless intent 481 Thousand Quesh kort-ibans first legion 255 Thousand Nar Shaddaa saai khans children 379 Thousand
T3 M4--PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb koosai 4.61 Million Tatooine gliicksbrchi gmbl-i 3.38 Million The Black Hole hubdis-trupp 1.94 Million Quesh the calrissian clan 3.28 Million Nar Shaddaa unbuffed 3.15 Million
Vanjervalis Chain--RP-PvE This Week Guilds History Makeb salus corporation 2.13 Million Tatooine die hitter der republik 1.12 Million The Black Hole neunleben 713 Thousand Quesh abgesandte der macht 1.03 Million Nar Shaddaa sith-imperium 3.45 Million
Jar'kai Sword--PvP This Week Guilds History Makeb valkorions erben 352 Thousand Tatooine zeugen denovas 392 Thousand The Black Hole jordan 386 Thousand Quesh the conqueror fleet 417 Thousand Nar Shaddaa legendary 585 Thousand