Important Message to Users

Hello users of SWTORConquest,

I want to start out by saying I am sorry about the quality of data on SWTORConquest and my issues with responding to email.

Over the last few months the quality of SWTORConquest has gone downhill. I do not think this is acceptable, so I am owning up to it. Unfortunately this letter will not give solutions to everything that is currently wrong, but I hope to at least address all of the issues you may have.

The quality of data on SWTORConquest is not what it used to be. I have not been able to find a specific reason for this, except it seems like at one point a change was made in the game with how text is rendered. This has caused the scanner to not be as accurate.

I have been trying to fix this. This progress has been slow since I am trying to make small changes to how it reads the scores and tests them. The unfortunate truth however, is that I am quickly reaching the point that I simply don't have the knowledge required to improve this part of scanner. I looked into paying someone to rebuild that part of the scanner but most quotes that I got were around $500-$1500 USD. I thought about making another Kickstarter, but I don't know if that is something I feel comfortable doing again. Last time I did a Kickstarter it was very obvious what you were paying for, a better UI. In this case however I would be asking you to pay for something that your only proof is that there are better scans, nothing that can actually be easily looked at as what you paid for. I also have some reservations of actually opening up another Kickstarter with the issues that SWTORConquest already has.

There are other issues with quality of data that I am actively working on fixing. A major one being how often it scans. Recently SW:TOR has started to crash more often with my scanner running. Whether this is bot detection or just another issue with the game (I have seen reports of the game crashing when switching servers a lot) I don't know. At this time this requires me to manually restart the game so the scanner can keep running. This was not as much of an issue until patch 4.3 came out with a new server select screen. This screen no longer orders the servers consistently, and requires me to manually set the order of the servers every time I start the server.

Outside of the actual process of getting the scores, I am still working on a brand new scanner that will fix the problems mentioned above. However at the heart of this new scanner will still be the same code that reads the actual scores.

I know that many of you have emailed me (or contacted me on twitter/facebook) and I have not responded to many of those emails. I want to apologize for this, however I don't have a good answer to this right now. I have been trying to spend my time focusing on improving the core issue with the hopes of cleaning up the data after the fact. Unfortunately this has not gone as I had hoped, and I am left with a very large number of unanswered emails.

A while ago I shared a survey asking for your feedback on your satisfaction of SWTORConquest. I would still love to hear from you, but I wanted to share some information that I got from this survey here (at the time of writing this)

Only 23% of those that took the survey, funded the previous Kickstarter. Of those that funded, 75% were happy with the final redesign.

76% of those surveyed, use the guild widget. Because of this, I am going to try to spend some time cleaning those up and maybe adding some new features.

76% of those surveyed said they would support another Kickstarter, even if it was for a feature I already have but I lacked the technical knowledge to improve. When I asked this, I was specifically talking about improving the scanner.

Finally, I want to address what I feel like is the elephant in the room. Since launching SWTORConquest I have launched 4 other tools for SWTOR. I have spent a lot of time working on those, but I am able to work on multiple projects. In fact I need to be able to. If all I ever worked on was the scanner, the end result would probably be much worse than it is now. I would be making mistakes or just grow tired of working with the code. By switching and working on other things, it allows me to take a step back and think about the problem.

As many of you may know by now, SWTOREvents and SWTORConquest were merged into SWTORData. Currently my plan is to do the same with SWTORConquest, but I want to fix the issues with the data first. I also want to make sure the new UI actually looks good, since SWTORConquest has some special needs.

I don't want this to end here with this letter. While I know I have been poor to fix issues with data, I would love to continue this conversation with you. I encourage you to contact me by a few different ways:


message me on facebook

or contact me on Skype, my username is 'swtortools'

Thank you for taking the time to read this long letter,